March Events Roundup

1. BIMA Yorkshire & Humber, in association with Leeds Muslim Medics, hosted an ‘Excelling as a Female Doctor’ event at the University of Leeds, where female doctors from various specialties spoke about the challenges and motivations of female Muslim doctors.

2. BIMA London held an outreach event to the homeless of London on the 11th of March.

March News & Views

Firstly this month, a study in the American Journal of Infection Control looked at vaccine compliance and parents’ stance on childhood vaccination. The study found that 85% of the Muslim parents surveyed support vaccination and were significantly more likely to be pro-vaccination than other parents from different religious affiliations.

While the sample size was small for this study,

What Happens After Death?

BIMA North West held a very successful CPD seminar on ‘What Happens After Death’ at the European Institute of Islamic Sciences in Oldham with over 150 attendees.