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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the Charities Response Group (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Bringing together via the Muslim Charities Forum the majority of main Muslim charities to discuss what can be done to assist the community during this time.
  2. Individual charities doing great work to help the community e.g. Islamic Relief allocated £500,000 to COVID response in the UK.
  3. Setting up a National Solidarity Campaign by MCF to provide assistance to individuals who are struggling from economic impact of COVID.
  4. MCF shared the work of Muslim charities on social media including PPE donations.
  5. Online App developed for volunteering activities but not launched due to time constraints.
  6. MCB and Launchgood (with help from BIMA) building SupportOurMosques webpage and brand and encouraging mosques to participate. Has raised more than £440,000 so far.
  7. Weekly webinars as well as one to one training delivered by Launchgood to mosques to help assist them moving to online donations platform and system.
  8. Mosques provided with different posters and social media advice to help promote SupportOurMosques page.
  9. Jummah Grants campaign created to incentivise weekly giving every Friday to mosques online. MCB and Launchgood combined to secure funding from charities and others + create grant giving system.
  10. Publicity material and PPE equipment company set up by one of the Launchgood team which with all profits going to SupportOurMosques campaign.

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  1. Do you have a plan to donate for helpless people. We request everyone to donate to poor people who are struggling to get a food for at least one time a day. Join your hands with Muslim Charity and help needy people.

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