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Your one stop shop on debunking myths surrounding the COVID 19 Vaccine!


BIMA have supported organisations around the UK deliver vital information around COVID and the vaccine. Watch some of the many appearances from our members!

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Leeds Grand Mosque: COVID 19 Vaccine – What you need to know (30/1/21 8pm)Dr Fasih Khan
Respiratory Physician
Dr Sharif Kaf Al-Gazal
Plastic Surgery Consultant / BIMA President
Dr Najeeb Rehman
Consultant in Emergency Medicine / Trustee of Doctors Worldwide
Dr Ihab Ibrahim
Chair of LGM
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Muslim Council Wales: COVID Vaccine Q&A (30/1/21 17:30)Moseem Suleman
Trustee Grange Pavillion
Sheikh Masur Ali
Lecturer – Cardiff University
Dr Bina Talabani
Hospital Doctor in Kidney Medicine & Scientist in Immunology
Dr Mohammed Naseem
GP Partner
Dr Kasim Ramzan
GP Partner
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Freshly Grounded: Asking Every Question You Have About the COVID Vaccine (15/1/21)Dr Abid Akhtar
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South East London & Kent Council Of Mosques: The COVID Vaccinations (14/1/21)Dr Javeed Ahmed
Consultant Virologist
Dr Muhammad Wajid Akhter
GP, Chair of National Muslim Medical COVID Response
Vice President of BIMA
Marjan Jamal MPH
Policy manager, NHS England
Imam Shakeel Begg
SELKCOM & Lewisham Islamic Centre
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Walthamstow Council of Mosques: COVID 19 Vaccine – Your questions answered (9/1/21)Dr Imran Zia
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Dr Imran Kausar
Medical Doctor & Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine
Dr Wajid Akhtar
Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala
Scholar & Head of Chaplaincy Barts Health
Joe Mcdonnell
Public Health Team Rep
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Lewisham Mosque: Covid-19 Vaccination from an Islamic Perspective (9/1/21)Dr Omar Taha
Dr Asad Rahman
Dr Wajid Akhtar
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Radio Seerah: Should you take Covid vaccine? (8/1/21)Dr Fasih Khan
Respiratory Physician
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Awaz FM Glasgow: COVID-19 Vaccine (7/1/21)Dr Sahira Dar
Dr Poonam Malik
Dr Nazim Ghouri
Shaykh Amer Jamil
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ILM Feed
COVID-19 Vaccine Podcast (2/1/21)
Dr Wajid Akhtar
GP, Vice President BIMA
Dr Imran Qureshi
Consultant in Infection
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Roots of Knowledge: Discussion about COVID and vaccines from 36 mins onwards (1/1/21)Dr Abid Akhter
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Unity FM: COVID Vaccine (Pahari Language)Dr Adeel RiazListen to Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
ARY News Official: Reliance on authentic sources of information regarding covid vaccine (Urdu Language)Dr Adeel RiazWatch Now
ThreeMeem: COVID vaccine update – quelling myths and answering questions (30/12/20)Dr Wajid Akhter
GP, Vice President BIMA
Dr Salman Rashid
Consultant Acute & Internal Medicine
Dr Raza Naqvee
Consultant Virologist
Dr Tariq Razzaq
Dr Amir Hannan
GP, Chair of the Association of Greater Manchester Local Medical Committees
Chair of World Health Innovation Summit
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Eman Channel: Coronavirus – a global pandemic with special focus on COVID Vaccinations (from 11minutes onwards) (30/12/20)Dr Abid Akhter
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The City Retreat: Should I take the COVID vaccine? (28/12/20)Shaykh Shafi Chowdhury
The City Retreat
AbdulKarim Gheewala
Dr Fasih Khan Respiratory Physician

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Newcastle Fast Fm: To Vaccinate, or Not To Vaccinate, that is the question? (26/12/20)Ust. Abdurraheem Green
Dr Abdul Haqq Baker
Dr Wajid Akhter
BIMA Vice President
Dr Shajeel Kiani
Front line NHS doctor
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British Bangla News: COVID19 vaccine – are they safe and halal? (Bengali Language) (24/12/20)Dr Mufti Mahmud
Senior Lecturer
Dr Tanvir Hossain
General Surgeon
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The Council of European Jamaats: Covid-19 Vaccination – Making an informed decision (18/12/20)Ali Akbar Datoo
Global Health Researcher
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
Sheikh Jaffer Ladak
Hujjat Aalim
Dr Abbas Tejani
GP, Senior Lecturer, Occupational Physician
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British Muslim TV: COVID vaccines (16/12/20)Dr Hina Shahid
Muslim Doctors
Dr Arhsad Latif
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Times Radio: Highlighting disinformation prvelance which is inhibiting the uptake of the covid vaccine (15/12/20)Dr Salman Waqar Listen Here
Karimia Institute & Mosque and Imam National Advisory Board: Covid 19 Vaccine & Islamic ruling (12/12/20)Mawlana Pir Ghulam Rabani Afghani
Dr Qari Muhammad Asim
Dr Musharraf Husain Al Azhari
Mawlana Umar Hayat Qadri
Dr Arshad Latif
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Inspire FM Luton: The COVID situation (11/12/20)Dr Arshad Latif
Hafiz Shaban
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Karimia Institute: COVID 19 Vaccine (8/12/20)Musharraf Hussain
Karimia Institute
Dr Hafiz Munir Al-Azhari
British Fatwa Council
Dr Lail-u-mah Zaheer
Dr Arshad Latif
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If you are an organisation based in the UK and require a Muslim doctor to support an event you are wanting to deliver regarding COVID 19 and the Vaccine, please email: [email protected]