HBBE Policy Changes Update

We are delighted to inform you that, as a direct result of BIMA’s research and lobbying, University College London Hospitals is the first NHS trust to have updated its dress code policy to include Cloth Hijabs in surgical theatres and three-quarters (for direct patient care) or full-length sleeves (for non-direct patient care) as ward options for Muslim women in healthcare.

BIMA calls on the BMA and its members to liaise with local BMA negotiating committees, as well as trust equality and diversity steering groups and infection control teams, to lobby other NHS hospitals to do the same.

Together, we can improve the experience of Muslims working in the NHS.

Hijabs and Bare Below the Elbows Working Group
British Islamic Medical Association
[email protected]

Important resources:

Team HBBE has produced toolkits so that Muslim women can begin conversations on policy change in their local NHS trusts.

The toolkits can be found by clicking here.


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