National Conference 2020 Poster Presentations

The British Islamic Medical Association held our first-ever virtual national conference in 2020!

We received some excellent submissions for our Poster Presentation.

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The Importance of Continued Primary Carer Input for Down’s Syndrome Inpatients’ Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Report.

Authors: M. Ahmad, A. Hinchcliffe, J. Delanoy, S. Ahmed


A Thematic Analysis of Human Nutrition as Described in the Qur’an.

Authors: M.H. Shiwani


The Impact of COVID-19 on BAME junior doctors’ mental health.

Authors: A. Hafezi


The Use of Porcine Derived Material for Health Care Needs and the Application of Islamic Ethical Principles.

Authors: M.H. Shiwani


Case Report: Delayed Presentation of Advance Vaginal Cancer During Covid-19 Era-Balancing Risks and Safety Netting Decisions.

Authors: A Ambareen, A Govind


Cautery; A Modality of Treatment, Islamic Views and Contemporary Practice.

Authors: M.H. Shiwani, W. Fasih


Congregational prayers in the mosques and the risk of spread of COVID-19.

Authors: M.H. Shiwani, S. Barber


Tackling Voluntourism shaping a sustainable healthcare partnership overseas to deliver educational seminars as an integrated medical team.

Authors: T. Alam, N. Ullah, T. Ahmed, W. Islam, A. Jaigirdar


PoWerS Study: Psychological impacts of COVID 19 on healthcare trainees and perceptions towards a digital wellbeing support package.

Authors: H. Blake, I. Mahmood, E. Gay, G. Dushi


Contemporary Medicine and Ethics.

Authors: H. Hussain


Sacrifices in the face of the pandemic: Fit testing and facial hair for Muslim healthcare professional.

Authors: S. Badat, M. Blaaza, Z. Badat, R. Butt


The Future of Wellbeing: Assessing the Perception of Wellbeing and Need for Wellbeing Support in the New Cohort of F1s.

Authors: Q. MalikMalik, O Elhassan, R Lunat


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