International CRG Activities

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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the International Community Response Group (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Helping set up and organise the Indian Covid Action Team.
  2. Helping set up and organise the Pakistan Covid Action Group.
  3. Setting up the International COVID Task force along with IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America) and MMAC (Muslim Medical Association of Canada) and holding weekly/ fortnightly meetings. We are now joined by South Africa and Australian Islamic Medical Associations.
  4. Advising the Imams taskforce set up by Imam Yahya Ibrahim of Australia.
  5. Attending weekly FIMA Executive Council meetings to share notes on COVID response around the world.
  6. Drafting letter to Sri Lankan government on behalf of Sri Lankan Muslim community against enforced cremations.
  7. Creating poster summarising scientific argument enforced cremation for COVID.
  8. Discussing with Sir Iqbal Sacranie on how we can help the Sri Lankan Muslims.
  9. Sharing RamadanAtHome message with FIMA for their social media.
  10. Sharing Eid under lockdown message with FIMA members.
  11. Sharing Palliative care 6 audio series with FIMA members.
  12. Poster on safe janazah during COVID-19 for Indian CAT.
  13. Updating our individual, community, mosque COVID guidance for Kenya.
  14. Updating our individual, community, mosque COVID guidance for Malaysia.
  15. Updating our individual, community, mosque COVID guidance for South Africa.
  16. Presenting at Indian CAT medical and charities conferences.

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