Lifesavers 2019

The BIMA Lifesavers teaching programme consists of three Lifesaving skills:

1. CPR
2. Recovery position
3. Management of choking
4. Management of bleeding

Each of these skills are taught using an explanation at the beginning, a practical demonstration and a chance for attendees to practice at the end. This follows the accredited British Heart Foundation Heartstart programme.

Lifesavers 2019 will be taking place in over 125 mosques across the UK on Saturday 28th September at 2pm after dhuhr salah.

Find your local participating mosque:

Save a life, save mankind

Lifesavers is the flagship project of BIMA uniting healthcare professionals in service of their local communities.

Through the power of unity on a single day of action, every year, thousands of members of the public are taught Basic Life Support (BLS) skills. The project started off as the ‘BLS Mosque Project’ in 2014, teaching life-saving skills in three mosques in London.

Each year following this, the project has expanded. Now, mosques from all over the United Kingdom take part in BIMA Lifesavers. In 2018, on Saturday 29th September, 756 volunteers came together to teach BLS to over 2,700 members of the public.

BIMA Lifesavers 2018 was coordinated by 17 volunteers on the National Team, who worked tirelessly with 11 volunteers from Regional sub-teams to recruit, train and prepare our mosque leads and volunteers for the big day. With the help and will of Allah to guide each of our efforts, the day was an immense success.

75 mosques took part and delivered essential lifesaving skills to over 3,000 members of the public. As a team, we were successful in achieving our vision as well as working with each other to unite in the service of our community. May Allah reward all those that have been involved in the project so far.

Lifesavers so far

The project has expanded significantly since it first started in 2014, and this year we have had more mosques participating than ever before.

Meet the Team

dr Abdul Farooq


National Director

I started off my journey as a volunteer for the Lifesavers programme three years ago and have since been involved in the project as a mosque lead and then as the regional lead for London.

Lifesavers for me highlights the importance of healthcare professionals getting involved in the community, and engaging in education beyond the hospital setting. Muslim healthcare professionals can come together in projects like Lifesavers and collectively we can make an impact!

In my capacity as Director I am hoping to expand the program further, to maximise benefit to as many people as possible and equip the masses with essential life saving skills.

Mohammed Zaman


Deputy National Director & London regional lead

Mohammed is a fourth year medical student studying in London who has been a part of BIMA for the last couple of years. He began volunteering at a local masjid in East London before becoming a lead for a masjid the following year.

He has now taken up the opportunity to be the London lead and is enjoying this role whilst taking up the chance to be the National deputy for Lifesavers.

As well as being involved with Lifesavers, he is also involved with the finance team for BIMA. He also enjoys tutoring and travelling in his spare time, and has also volunteered with his local university ISoc.




Sidra is a Core Medical Trainee in London, having studied preclinical medicine at Jesus College, Cambridge and clinical medicine at UCL.

She has been heavily involved in the BIMA Lifesavers project since its inception and was the National Director in 2018. This year she is a Mentor for the project.

She is passionate about widening participation and has helped with many university open days and school visits through her work as a CAMbassador, UCL student ambassador and Target Medicine.

Jumaina Ali


West Midlands Regional Lead

I began accidentally volunteering for BIMA lifesavers 2017 during my first year at medical school. I was at one of the largest masjids in Birmingham, and thoroughly enjoyed the teaching experience and my interaction with the muslim community.

The following year I was the masjid liaison for the West Midlands team. As I became more invested in the project, and in BIMA as an organisation, I am now enjoying my role as West Midlands lead whilst currently completing my third year of medical school on the side 😛 

I also love writing, so have contributed to the creative sides of BIMA and would urge anyone else to get involved!

Lifesavers is a project that continues to grow annually, allowing essential integration between medical professionals and the community. It is arguably the best project in the country...randomised control trials to support this claim may soon be published.

Mohammed Ridwan Rahman


National Team Member & Promotions

I volunteered for BIMA and the Lifesavers project in 2018. It was a great experience where not only was I able to reach out to and work alongside other healthcare professionals/students but also help bring our skills into the community, for the betterment of the community. It was amazing and I highly recommend everyone to help out where they can in this growing community project.

I’m also a serial paratha eater just in case you’re struggling to find me something for my birthday. If you haven’t had/don’t know what a paratha is, please reach out to me and maybe we can share some sometime 🙂

May Allah place the world in your hands but Himself in your heart. Ameen

Zeba Ismael


East Midlands Regional Lead

Assalaamuwalikum , my name is Zeba and this year I will be the lead for East Midlands InshaAllah. I started off by volunteering in 2018 within leicester and my role included recruiting masjids and volunteers.

This year I was persuaded to take up the role of regional lead and InshaAllah I’ll live up to the title. My personal aim this year is to get more ladies involved and into masjids, learning basic life support, so if you’re working with me be prepared to hear me talk about this a lot!!

I’m a Nurse and a Midwife by background, so plenty of basic life support experience under my belt, you’re in safe hands!

Sohail Ahmed


Yorkshire Lead

I am a GP principal based in Bradford. I also work in the A&E department at Leeds and Bradford.

I was involved with BIMA Lifesavers in 2018 with a local mosque and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I am a BLS trainer and a tutor for Medical students so teaching is something I am passionate about.

The BIMA Lifesavers event has a unique position to reach a population that do not commonly get the opportunity to get BLS training and it has expanded yearly since it was setup.

The events provide much more than life support training alone, giving those in attendance a chance to interact and gain valuable health promotional information.

I was recruited as the Yorkshire Lead for 2019 and I hope to help expand the numbers significantly this year and provide training across Yorkshire.

Omar Ali


North East - Regional Vice Lead

Assalamo alaykom.

I am a 3rd year medical student at Newcastle University. I first volunteered with BIMA’s Lifesavers in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed transferring my knowledge to my brothers & sisters in the general public.

The next year, I co-lead the mosque at my University in its first attempt at hosting Lifesavers and the event was a success, alhamdulillah. I look forward to helping other mosques in the North East undertake this rewarding initiative next year in sha Allah.

Saarah Khalid


North East - Regional Lead

Assalamo alaykum .

I started my BIMA Lifesavers journey last year as joint lead for the the local ISOC masjid. For me it was particularly important as it allowed the opportunity to integrate the skills i had learnt professionally (as a medic) with my personal, spiritual life (as a muslim) and thus fulfil a duty to benefit society.

This year, my role has developed further to Regional Lead. Inshallah, with the support of our amazing volunteers and the strong connections we have within the local community, we hope to continue the success of last year.

Dr Burhan


North West - Regional Lead

I am a GP partner based in Huddersfield and also do private medical work in Manchester. Having been brought up in Manchester, I have good links with the local communities and mosques and aim to promote BIMA Lifesavers by taking the lead in the North West region.

Our communities would benefit massively from basic life support training and the BIMA Lifesavers event allows a wonderful platform for health promotion and educating people in an environment they are familiar with.

I am a clinical supervisor and work closely with the local Primary Care Network in Huddersfield as well being a BLS tutor. I am looking forward to working with BIMA and expand the numbers significantly this year and provide training across the North West.


"It was very clear and beneficial in relaying this message that can potentially save a life."
-MCWAS Carshalton

"I only wish this BIMA lifesavers course had happened earlier on in life"
-Jamia Ghosia Mosque

"The instructors were also very supportive when we were practising, standing with us and guiding us"
-Aisha Mosque Wallsall

"The instructors where brilliant in demonstrating & presenting everything"
-Ibrahim Mosque

"It was an effective course, volunteers were very helpful and explained everything thouroughly and answered questions"
-Amanah Mosque

"Very informative and plenty of opportunity to practice. Excellent friendly teachers. Able to answer all questions."
-Muadh in jabal mosque

Get Involved

There are various ways in which you can be involved with the Lifesavers project. National Team members are responsible for overseeing the program and supporting Regional Teams.

The strength of our program comes from the Regional Teams who work at the grassroots level. They support Mosque Leads to run lifesavers sessions and Volunteers who on the day provide teaching to members of the public.

Mosque Lead recruitment will open in May, Please keep an eye out for the signup form

If you are a mosque interested in bringing lifesavers to your community please register your interest at [email protected]