Lifesavers 2020

The BIMA Lifesavers teaching programme consists of three Lifesaving skills:

1. CPR
2. Recovery position
3. Management of choking

Each of these skills are taught in a three-step method:

  1. A thorough explanation of the theory at the beginning
  2. A practical demonstration
  3. A chance for participants to practice and perfect their technique

This teaching sequence follows the accredited British Heart Foundation Heartstart programme.

Lifesavers 2020 will be taking place online this year, via ZOOM, considering the current pandemic. The excellent calibre of small group teaching that makes the Lifesavers teaching programme so unique and effective will continue! We will deliver this using ZOOM’s breakout room feature to enable you to learn and perfect your lifesaving skills.

We are positive this will allow even more members of the community to be reached than ever before, insha’allah!

The project will take place on Saturday 26th September after dhuhr salah, ONLINE. For more details on how the virtual session will work read this post.

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Save a life, save mankind

Lifesavers is one of BIMA's many unique projects, uniting healthcare professionals in service of their local communities.

Through the power of unity on a single day of action, every year, thousands of members of the public are taught Basic Life Support (BLS) skills. The project started off as the ‘BLS Mosque Project’ in 2014, teaching life-saving skills in three mosques in London.

Each consecutive year, the project has expanded. Now, mosques from all over the United Kingdom take part in BIMA Lifesavers. In 2019, on Saturday 28th September, 840 volunteers came together to teach BLS to over 4400 members of the public.

BIMA Lifesavers 2019 was coordinated by 13 volunteers on the National Team, who worked tirelessly with 24 volunteers from Regional sub-teams to recruit, train and prepare our mosque leads and volunteers for the event day. With the aid and will of Allah, our team’s efforts were guided and Lifesavers 2019 was an immense success.

114 mosques took part and delivered essential lifesaving skills to over 4,000 members of the public. As a team, we were successful in achieving our vision, working collaboratively to unite in the service of our community.

May Allah reward all those that have been involved in the project so far.

Lifesavers so far

The project has expanded significantly since it first started in 2014, and this year we have had more mosques participating than ever before.

Meet the 2020 Team

Dr Abu Qasim


National Director

Lifesavers was the first initiative I came across that made me think that I could use my skills to help the community.  I was only an observer that year but found the project so engaging that I became masjid lead next year then regional lead the year after and in 2019 I was mentor to NE regional lead and tasked with developing efficiency and processes within Lifesavers project.  This year I have been given the privilege to continue my journey to help not only deprived and underserved communities across the UK but also to support other HCP colleagues and students in developing their skills to serve the community too.

My background as Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist helps me fulfil this role through teamwork, shared leadership, mentoring, interpersonal skills and compassion.  Current pandemic means that we need to continue to adapt the project to the national circumstances but I am confident that we have the team to do this well so that we can continue to serve our communities by teaching lifesaving skills, unite all HCPs and students and inspire each other in the process.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and running.  I completed the Great North Run (with knee pain) last year and am missing weekly ParkRuns that have been victim of Covid-19!!

Jumaina Firdaws Ali
Vice National Director 

I began accidentally volunteering for BIMA lifesavers 2017 during my first year at medical school. I was at one of the largest masjids in Birmingham, and thoroughly enjoyed the teaching experience and the wholesome (my favourite word) interactions with members of the community.

In 2018 I was the masjid liaison for the West Midlands team. In 2019, I took on the role of West Midlands regional lead, building strong personal and community links with local masjids and healthcare professionals.

As I became more invested in the project, and in BIMA as an organisation, I am now enjoying my role as the Vice Director for 2020 and embarking on my final year at medical school.

In my free time, I enjoy trying to hulk at the gym, climbing mountains whenever I can, and trying out as many of Manchester’s and Birmingham’s restaurants as possible.

Lifesavers is a project that continues to grow annually, allowing essential integration between medical professionals and the community. It is arguably the best project in the country; randomised control trials to support this claim to be published soon…

Dr Abdul Farooq
National mentor

I started off my journey four years ago as a volunteer in the Lifesavers programme and have been in various roles, my last being national director for 2019.

Lifesavers for me highlights the importance of healthcare professionals getting involved in the community, and engaging in education beyond the hospital setting. Muslim healthcare professionals come together in projects like Lifesavers and collectively make a lasting impact!

Alhumdulliah under my tenure as national director, Lifesavers took place in 114 mosques across the UK with over 4400 participants and 800 volunteers. It was an amazing year of growth for the project whilst moving it to the international stage with the start of Lifesavers around the muslim world.

Hoping to build on all the milestones of last year, now as the national mentor I will be guiding and advising the various teams this year through the covid edition of lifesaver 2020.

Bismah Ali
National Lifesavers Secretary

I attended Lifesavers in 2017 in a local Mosque in London and decided to get involved in 2019 as a Regional Team Member and a Mosque Lead, which was really rewarding (Alhamdulillah). Having enjoyed this experience, getting to meet professionals and students from other healthcare backgrounds, and the opportunity to serve the local community through sharing basic skills, as healthcare professionals/students, I have taken on the role as National Lifesavers Secretary this year.

Alongside Lifesavers, I am going onto my third year studying Occupational Therapy. I am also a Scout Leader and held position as Assistant Section Leader.

Husna Ali



Assalamu Alaykum, my name is Husna Ali and I’m a medical student based in London with a special interest in community based outreach work.

I have taken an active part in the Lifesavers Project over the last few years. Having initially been a Lifesavers volunteer, I then became a University Liaison for London. Currently I am on the National Campaigns team and also the London regional team’s Publicity officer.

I have also been involved with ROCK Projects, Community Impact Projects (CIP) & FOSIS.

I am a firm believer in the power of kindness to enact social change.

Aaminah Hafezi
Campaigns - Social Media


My name is Aaminah and I am on the Campaign's team this year. So all that pestering on the socials, specifically Instagram, will be down to me🥵

I have just finished third year at Bristol University and will be intercalating at Manchester this year. I love teaching Basic Life Support so when I saw the opportunity to volunteer last year I jumped at it. This year I want to help make Lifesavers great again 👊🏼

I am all about aesthetics and love capturing moments so for me to be given the opportunity to help on the social media side of things is an honour.

Lifesavers is a great project and one I believe our community so desperately needs to work on. I've had experiences where the lack of BLS skills have meant people in my community have suffered. Insha'Allah with the help of this project I know we'll be able to make so many lives better.  In this pandemic with all things uncertain to be able to confidently make a difference is something we all need.

Tania Usman
London & South Regional Lead 

I am going into my 5th year of medical school at King’s College London.

I first volunteered for BIMA Lifesavers in 2017 where I found teaching Basic Life Support skills to members of my local Masjid highly enjoyable and rewarding. The small group setting and willingness of sisters to learn inspired me to join the London team in 2018. I helped to grow Lifesavers by leading at a different Masjid in East London which was very well received by locals and as a team, we established a positive relationship with the Mosque trustees In 2019, as vice lead of the London & South (L&S) team consisting of only 7 student volunteers, we delivered our first ever Regional Training Day for Mosque Leads and ultimately delivered Lifesavers in 27 mosques in and around London!

This year, as L&S Lead, I am committed to ensure that the best version of Lifesavers is delivered nationally despite the difficult circumstances posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. On a more personal note, I am dedicated to build a strong team ethos who also share the vision of uniting healthcare professionals, inspiring the next generation and serving our local communities this year and for years to come insha’Allah.


London & South Vice Regional Lead 


My name is Habib, I am currently an academic foundation doctor in Brighton and the vice regional lead for London & South. I have a keen interest in medical education and widening participation in medicine. 

I first got involved with BIMA lifesavers back in 2017 as a mosque lead. It was an enriching experience as it enabled me to introduce the Muslim community in Brighton to BIMA's lifesavers initiative. I have thoroughly enjoyed organising these events in the past as it has allowed me to forge new connections whilst promoting unity and inspiring the youth. 

The event continues to be a great success each year with healthcare professionals and students engaging with the locals by teaching vital lifesaving skills.

Due to the current pandemic, we have had to work hard and innovate in the way we provide lifesavers this year. We hope to deliver the event safely and ensure it is fun and interactive for all our attendees!

Sohail Ahmed
Yorkshire & Humber Lead

In 2019 I took on the role of Yorkshire & Humber Lead, and through the exceptional efforts of the region we managed to expand from 4 mosques to over 20 and our team expanded from a handful of volunteers and instructors to over 300 team members across the entire region.

I was also involved with the campaigns and media team, and was blessed to be involved at a time when Lifesavers saw an exponential growth nationally and internationally as FIMA took the project to countries never involved with Lifesavers before.

As a BLS trainer and tutor for Medical students, teaching is something I am passionate about.

The BIMA Lifesavers project has a unique position in reaching a population that does not commonly get the opportunity to learn BLS, and being a part of this, giving back to our communities, is a truly amazing experience and opportunity.

The BIMA Lifesavers event personifies the core values of BIMA by uniting, inspiring, and serving communities around the world like no other project.

This year, due to the global pandemic, the challenges the project faces are unprecedented, but the core values and passion of the team remains the same as ever, and we hope to develop and evolve to meet the changing challenges and provide another inspiring event Insha’Allah.

Hina Anam Hassan


Wales Regional Lead

Assalamu Alaykum. I’m Hina Anam and I’m currently a third-year medical student at Barts & The London. I’m from Wales and very proud of my Welsh roots and never seem to stop harping on about it! 

I’ve been exposed to BIMA Lifesavers from the beginning of my med schooling and was genuinely inspired by the critically important education they are providing to our community. In addition to bringing our community together, it allows us to equip our community with the skills to always look out for each other and become lifesavers. 

So, I look forward to taking on my role as Wales lead and would love for anyone interested to reach out and get involved in this essential community project. I pray Allah, Most High, blesses all of our efforts in building this region and allowing us to serve our community. Ameen

Yahyaa Hasan


West Midlands Regional Lead

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Yahyaa and I am currently a 4th year medical student at Birmingham. 

I volunteered for Lifesavers in 2018, and thoroughly enjoyed the community engagement and hands-on experience teaching vital lifesaving skills to those who are much less likely to be exposed to this type of teaching.

In 2019 I was on the West Midlands regional team as a mosque liaison and gained valuable insights into the organisation and planning for the Lifesavers event.

Following the great success in 2019, I am now the regional lead for the west midlands and hope our team can continue to improve the success of the region and reach more members of the Muslim community in the region. 

My hobbies include eating...a lot.

I was also involved with the university isoc, and Charity week, which allowed me to gain a wider range of skills that I can apply to my role in Lifesavers. 

I urge everyone to get involved with this project, in whatever capacity you can!   

Zohaib Khawaja


North West Regional Lead

Throughout my time studying Medicine down in London, I have been very passionate and heavily involved in teaching. I attended the Lifesavers event in a local Mosque there where I was able to teach BLS to the lovely community out there. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to teach these important skills to others who would not typically receive such training out in the community.

(Un)fortunately I then moved up to the North to unite with my family where I completed two years of the academic foundation programme and am now doing an F3 year in which I have also taken up the role as North West Regional Lead for Lifesavers. In my free time, I leave the UK asap and gokart a lot where I pretend to be Lewis Hamilton. I am also a self-proclaimed food and meme connoisseur.

With my experience in a lot of medical and non-medical projects, I hope to bring forward my leadership, teamwork and creative skills to the team. The team have done extremely well in past years and I hope to build upon their success. Together, I am certain that we all will be able to deliver the event in a form that we have never done so before; Lifesavers - the COVID edition. 

Maria Ahmad


North East Regional Lead

I am going into my final year of medical school at Newcastle and am really looking forward to leading the north east this year. I first got involved in lifesavers as a mosque lead last year and it was really rewarding to see my planning result in a successful day, as well as meeting some lovely sisters.

I think it is important as a healthcare professionals to give to the community, as we are in privileged positions alhamdulillah,  whereupon we are able to invoke changes and share our skills. First aid is a skill that all members of our community should have and I’m excited to work with BIMA to support an ever growing project.

Outside of lifesavers, I enjoy literature, writing and running.

Taimia Nomani


West Midlands Vice-Regional lead

Assalamu alaikum, My name is Taimia and I am just starting F1. I became involved in the lifesavers project a few years ago when some friends were looking for volunteers in our local mosques. Since then, I have been taking part in the project every year both as a volunteer and a mosque lead.

I am enjoy all things outdoors. I am a keen runner and regularly take part in half marathons. Last year I ran the Manchester marathon, maybe if my knees can take it I might do another one


"It was very clear and beneficial in relaying this message that can potentially save a life."
-MCWAS Carshalton

"I only wish this BIMA lifesavers course had happened earlier on in life"
-Jamia Ghosia Mosque

"The instructors were also very supportive when we were practising, standing with us and guiding us"
-Aisha Mosque Wallsall

"The instructors where brilliant in demonstrating & presenting everything"
-Ibrahim Mosque

"It was an effective course, volunteers were very helpful and explained everything thouroughly and answered questions"
-Amanah Mosque

"Very informative and plenty of opportunity to practice. Excellent friendly teachers. Able to answer all questions."
-Muadh in jabal mosque

Get Involved

There are various ways in which you can be involved with the Lifesavers project. National Team members are responsible for overseeing the program and supporting Regional Teams.

The strength of our program comes from the Regional Teams who work at the grassroots level. They support Mosque Leads to run lifesavers sessions and Volunteers who on the day provide teaching to members of the public.

Mosque Lead recruitment normally opens in May, Please keep an eye out for the signup form

If you are a mosque interested in bringing lifesavers to your community please register your interest at [email protected]


Unfortunately we are no longer recruiting volunteers for this year. Please check back for 2021 in sha'allah!