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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the Medical Community Response Group (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Providing consistent and clear medical advice to all other CGRs requests.
  2. Working with MCB to advocate closure of mosques 1 week before Government-mandated this by giving presentations, making phone calls and having meetings up and down the country to build a consensus of the medical emergency that was coming.
  3. Publishing a statement from more than 200 Muslim healthcare physicians recommending to the community that congregational prayers should be suspended.
  4. Calling for a lockdown one week before the government. mandated it. 
  5. Hadiths/ ayah about how to prevent the spread of COVID poster – these were printed and shared widely.
  6. Hadiths about the need to avoid a 2nd wave poster shared.
  7. Ramadan Rapid Reviews – bringing together a crack team of experts across many specialities to do a rapid review of the literature as it relates to Ramadan + getting it accepted by Oxford CEBM.
  8. Organising 2 emergency COVID edition ACE FY1 induction courses for Final year medical students being fast tracked to the front line.
  9. Discussion with Naz Shah MP re: visitation rights.
  10. BIMA ghusl guidelines FAQs for COVID-19.
  11. BIMA Ghusl explainer video for COVID-19.
  12. Presenting on Hope in team of fear HAI webinar.
  13. Presenting on Islam Channel multiple times.
  14. Presenting on Channel A of Turkish TV.
  15. Presenting on TRT.
  16. Presenting on radio stations inc. BBCR4, LBC, BBC regional stations.
  17. Creating National funeral and burial volunteer checklist with the East London Mosque.
  18. Advice on visitation rights of relatives vs needs of hospital staff during COVID pandemic.
  19. Set of 6 videos on palliative care related to COVID and general use. These were translated into multiple languages.
  20. Regular COVID debrief sessions for clinicians.
  21. Webinar by BIMA webinar team regarding COVID.
  22. Guidance on 2m vs 1m rule/ masks/ indoor vs outdoor risk.
  23. Guidance with Malaysian org on guidance for head coverings for clinicians during COVID-19.
  24. Discussion with Lord Victor Adebowale (Chair of NHS Confederation) regarding being part of the Race Observatory.
  25. Daily podcast/ radio broadcast on Ramadan Radio throughout Ramadan on topics such as “What every Doctor wishes the public knew”, “How to avoid the 2nd wave”, “Domestic violence” and more, all from a health perspective.
  26. Article in BMJ by Salman and Hina (MDA) regarding COVID impact on BAME clinicians and public.
  27. Believers guide to COVID series – translated into different languages.
  28. Duaas for protection during COVID. 
  29. Study tips during COVID video and guide.
  30. Guidance on who should and should not go to mosque infographic
  31. Guidance on screening at mosque entrance infographic.
  32. Guidance on what to do if someone develops COVID from the congregation infographic.
  33. Guidance on how to spread out the prayer spaces to reduce transmission risk infographic.
  34. Plan for reopening Hospital prayer rooms infographic.
  35. Bringing together Muslim and non-Muslim BAME medical organisations for joint action on a group. 
  36. Using BAME medical/ healthcare groups to challenge the appointment for Trevor Phillips to BAME impact enquiry.
  37. Submitting written response to PHE enquiry re BAME excess impact
  38. Leading the next steps discussion on how to challenge the BAME excess impact report.
  39. Promoting Nightingale mosques through webinar and helping provide SOP for any other mosques that may be interested in setting up a similar system.
  40. Promoting the NW COVID group Eid poster competition.
  41. Promoting the NW COVID stay at home this Eid messages in different languages and hosting on BIMA youtube.
  42. Presenting at Racism, Islamophobia, COVID triple pandemic for ELM
  43. ACE-PreReg and ACE DFT events being planned for induction into pharmacy/dentistry.
  44. Dr Saeed presenting at COVID-19 Acute cardiovascular and internal medicine webinar for Sudanese Medical Association.
  45. Keeping a record of all Muslim healthcare professionals who have passed with COVID.

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