Publicity CRG Activities

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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the Publicity (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Branding of CRG material.
  2. Promoting StaySafeStayAtHome message.
  3. Promoting RamadanAtHome campaign.
  4. Promoting EidUnderLockdown campaign.
  5. Bringing together most Muslim TV channels including Eman Channel, Islam Channel, Channel S, Iqra, BMTV etc… to coordinate activity and content especially in case of an emergency.
  6. Bringing together publicity experts (e.g. Muslim Influencer Network, Ilmfeed, individual journalists) to discuss publicity strategy for CRG activities.
  7. Free to print posters for mosques to put up during the COVID-19 pandemic – Infographic on avoiding spreading of fake news.
  8. Informing community what to expect on how to come out of Lockdown in a smart way.
  9. Challenging the appointment of Trevor Phillips to help in the BAME excess impact enquiry.
  10. CFMMUK successfully challenging misleading headline on imported COVID from Pakistan.
  11. MCB drafting and releasing statements on Government statements and actions 

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