Reflection – Salah

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Working in healthcare is hectic. Patients and administrative tasks, among other things, occupy a substantial amount of our time. At times these duties seem to be never-ending, and as a result we may miss praying our Salah (prayers) in the appropriate time.

Salah is an important part of a Muslim’s daily routine. It helps us take a break from what can seem like a rat race, and allows us to remember Allah, the ultimate bestower of all our successes. As His creation we have a duty to remember and praise Him, and to realise that Salah acts as a medium to directly communicate with our Creator, seeking His forgiveness and asking for His blessings.

Take care to do your prayers, praying in the best way, and stand before God in devotion.” [2:238]

As our lives become busier, it can appear difficult to juggle our duties to our Lord as well our patients, but it is of the utmost importance as Muslims to tend to, alongside our patients and administrative tasks, our spiritual needs and the purification of our hearts.

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