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Firstly this month, the first study on the feasiblity of a physical activity intervention in a mosque-based setting was published in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health this month.

The intervention, which included aerobic as well as strength training activities, targeted South Asian Muslim women (with a mean age of 51 years old) at the risk of diabetes, and received positive feedback from participants.

The authors recommend mosque-based health interventions like this to be evaluated on a larger scale in future studies. Health promotion is one of the main aims of BIMA’s activities, and we look forward to working with mosques interested in piloting health interventions. Please get in touch at [email protected]

Read “A Pilot Examination of a Mosque-Based Physical Activity Intervention for South Asian Muslim Women in Ontario, Canada” here


A review in the Journal of Religion and Health this month discusses topics surrounding the Islamic ethics on end-of-life care, including Do Not Resuscitate orders, advance directives, and probity with terminally ill patients.

Read “Ethical Dilemmas at the End of Life: Islamic Perspective” here


And finally this month, with Ramadan only weeks away, a study published in the journal Appetite looked at the effect of Ramadan fasting during the long hours of the summer in Germany, and found no significant difference in depression and fatigue scores between fasting and non-fasting individuals.

Read “Effect of Ramadan fasting on fatigue, mood, sleepiness, and health-related quality of life of healthy young men in summer time in Germany here


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