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Following on from last month’s article about medication regiment adjustment for patients during Ramadan, and the finding that the most frequently discussed disease between patients and their pharmacists is diabetes, a study published this month in the journal Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy looked at pharmacist awareness of diabetic patients in Australia, concluding with the need for more cultural competency and a proactive approach from pharmacists in discussing fasting and medication before Ramadan begins.

Read “Pharmacists’ perspectives about their role in care of patients with diabetes observing Ramadanhere


Continuing with the theme of cultural competency, another article published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management investigated the usefulness of a 1-hour educational intervention provided to palliative care clinicians in America in changing their notions on Muslim patients’ beliefs regarding end-of-life decisions.

The article also includes a useful appendix for palliative care specialists, summarising the Islamic viewpoints on disease and death.

Read “How Islam Influences End-of-Life Care: Education for Palliative Care Clinicianshere


And finally this month, an essay by Dr. Aasim Padela in the journal Developing World Bioethics looks at and argues for the state’s duty to provide universal healthcare coverage from an Islamic perspective, specifically using the concepts of huquq Allah (‘rights of God’), maslahah mu’tabarah (public interest upheld by Islamic scripture), and fard al-kifayah (communal obligations), and how American Muslim healthcare organisations have used these ethico-legal constructs to support healthcare reform in the United States.

Read “Social Responsibility and the State’s Duty to provide Healthcare: An Islamic Ethico-Legal Perspectivehere


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