July Events Roundup

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1. BIMA Trainees organised the the national FY1 Induction event took place on Saturday 22nd July nationwide in 4 locations- London, Birmingham, Leicester and for the first time in Leeds, Yorkshire. The event was a huge success with over 150 signups nationwide.

2. BIMA sent 12 delegates from all over the UK to attend the Federation of Islamic Medical Association’s (FIMA) Youth Summer Camp 2017 in Istanbul, a week-long program of camp activities, educational seminars, project development sessions, networking, and a tour of Istanbul. BIMA’s President also attended the FIMA Annual Congress and Council Meeting, and the main headline was an address by President Erdogan of Turkey.

3. BIMA North East organised a talk with Dr Arif Moothadeth, consultant in occupational medicine, in association with Newcastle Central Mosque on coping with traumatic eventsafter the recent freak accident outside the mosque on Eid day, during which local healthcare professionals helped look after those injured.

4. BIMA Professional Development organised a webinar with Dr Deen Mirza, a GP and self-help author for GPs, on avoiding diagnostic errors and medical mistakes in general practice.


BIMA delegates at FIMA’s Youth Summer Camp 2017  (above) and attendees at the BIMA FY1 Induction (below)

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